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Name Contributor Content
Edward (Andy) Anderson Chris Anderson Member of the Maritime Royal Artillery recounts his experience as a DEMS gunner, the loss of Bandar Shahpour and other war experiences
Anthony Bernthal Anthony Bernthal Experiences of a British India Deck Cadet in the 1960s
Sam Bridgwood Peter Haywood Towards the end of his life, a Merchant Seaman recalls his wartime experiences including getting torpedeod.
Captain Carré John Cole An account of the British India ship Rohna caught in a cyclone in Madras harbour and a very narrow escape that the ship's Master put down to Divine Providence.
Richard Crow Richard Crow An account of a British India Officer and his experiences in the Far East over a long period.
Philip Dilworth Philip Dilworth Philip started his time at sea as a cadet with the British India Steam Navigation Co training ship Waroonga just before the start of WW2. Unfortunately a problem with his vision meant he could not become a Merchant Navy Officer and he completed a degree in Mechanical Engineering instead. In 1944 he joined the Royal Navy and served on HMS Cassandra and various other RN vessels.
Fred Knaggs (1923-2008) Geoffrey Bamford A Merchant Seaman from Hebburn describes his War years including being torpedoed twice, and tells some of his favourite tales
Donald Macfadyen Donald Macfadyen A long account of the life of a merchant seaman. He was a cadet on Training Ship HMS Worcester in 1916, sailed on Brecknockshire which was captured and scuttled by German raider Möewe on her maiden voyage, spent the remainder of WW1 in a German POW camp, had a long and varied career on Royal Mail ships until leaving the sea. His final account is of his work as a fireman in the worst day of the London blitz.
Stan Mayes Stan Mayes Details of the life of a Merchant Seaman whose career at sea started on Thames Sailing Barges, his war service including being torpedoed, and work after that as a ships rigger. He was a meticulous recorder of his life and kept many photos.
"Ron" Peter Haywood A Merchant Seaman late in life recounts the dreadful experiences at Dunkirk that haunted him all his life.
Bill Ross Bill Ross The experiences of an Edinburgh Seaman who started his career in Ropners in 1953 and went on to become a ship's Master on the Great Lakes
Malcolm Salter Malcolm Salter An account of time at King Edward VII Nautical College and subsequent sea experiences.
Alick Sangster Alick Sangster The experiences of a DEMS gunner on three very different ships in WW2 and his subsequent career.
John Tayler John Tayler An account of the sinking of Tuscan Star (see also the account by Mr Wells)
Bill Taylor Brian Watson Experiences of a Merchant Seaman who finds himself a prisoner of the Japanese after his ship was attacked near Singapore.
Mr. Wells Alan Wells An account of the sinking of Tuscan Star (see also the account by John Tayler)
Captain Vivian Lockyer Wiles J.B. Hollingworth Captain Wiles career reconstructed by his grandson from letters he sent home. It includes his service with British India starting with sailing ships, and his experiences during WW1 during which he served on various ships including seaplane carrier and kite balloon ship HMS Campania.
George Winter Witten Phil Witten An account of a marine engineer who served in two world wars and perished when Cape St Andrew was torpedoed.
John Wouters Al Wouters A Canadian pilot coming to the UK to assist the war effort who was on Amerika when she was torpedoed. The account includes his later service after being rescued.
HMS Rodney vs Bismarck The family of Charles D. Hagerty An account of the engagement of Rodney and Bismarck from a mysterious source.

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